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Finding the right massage chair can be a daunting experience

If you don’t want your massage chair to become a coat rack in two weeks, you need to thoroughly understand what you’re buying. The best way to do that is by experiencing a massage chair demonstration. In a demo, you’ll be able to quickly discern that the best massage chairs feel more comfortable and more relaxing the longer you sit in them. The chairs to avoid have exactly the opposite effect: the longer you sit, the worse you feel.

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Ergonomically designed to massage your feet, ankle and calves all at the same time Adjustable 3 levels of strength

Adjustable tilt angle for easy and comfortable seating position

Slim Rovo is the passive aerobic exerciser that use 8 shape, a side to side swinging motion that tones, strengthens and oxygenates your body that increasing your feelings of well-being

Kahuna FM088
Kahuna Slim ROVO

Kahuna Slim ROVO

Kahuna Foot Massager 088

Kahuna Massage Chair is a Hawaiian Technique for your body and soul. Design is modern and ergonomic, It’s features use newest technology for massage chairs such as body scanning, 3D roller massage, and LCD remote and bluetooth with two speakers on each side so you can enjoy your music while getting a massage. We recommend this products to people who need ultimate massage experience in everyday life.

Kahuna is a California based, a First US Korea brand in the US massage chair industry, FDA Approved Medical Device and is a leading purveyor of exquisite of massage chairs. Kahuna production presently introduces 2 conceptual frameworks: Digitality and Pragmatism. Kahuna is one of the fewest companies in the industry to provide the breadth and depth of selections and after-sales service to its customers.  

Fully upgraded massage programs with different auto zero gravity positions for each individual programs

3D Massage roller system with zero gravity positions. Space saving technology

Kahuna LM-8800S

Kahuna LM-8000C

The new SL-Track 4 Rollers system

4 Signature Programs including Yoga Stretching and Active Yoga programs

Osaki Japan Premium 40

Kahuna Spirit

World’s First new 3D roller calf massage mechanism System

Pressure nodes located under your feet stimulate the reflex points on the soles of your feet

Kahuna Slim Beauty 3D Calf/Foot massager 888

Osaki OS-7200 CR