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Sophisticated Kneading

Osaki Japan Premium 4S - The world’s First Artificial Intelligent and BEST of the Best massage chair

                 The future of massage chair is HERE

Osaki Japan Premium 4S massage chair - Made and Partnership with World’s No. 1 Japan manufacturer

List price :     $9,990.00

Sale price :     $8,990.00

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Auto detection of spinal line – optimize the “Depth” of the massage


Auto detection of shoulder position – optimize the “Point” of the massage

Massage for the Neck, Shoulders, Waist

Maximum unleash capacity approy 12.5cm

12 stages strength adjustment

3D Massage

Triple Mode Air System (Industry's First New Technology)

Double Heat (New features)

Massage Position

41 types, 85 kinds of kneading techniques

Specialized point focus massage with 2 unique balls. Arrange the 85 kinds of kneading that combines the part wise operation in manual mode

Special Stretches Massage Techniques

Stretch position – Neck stretch, Shoulder stretch, Waist stretch

Foot Stretch – Knee stretch, Foot stretch, Double stretch

Swing Stretch Function – Backrest and leg part moves up and down

OS-JP Pro Premium 4S Japan (Black)

Finding the right massage chair can be a daunting experience

If you don’t want your massage chair to become a coat rack in two weeks, you need to thoroughly understand what you’re buying. The best way to do that is by experiencing a massage chair demonstration. In a demo, you’ll be able to quickly discern that the best massage chairs feel more comfortable and more relaxing the longer you sit in them. The chairs to avoid have exactly the opposite effect: the longer you sit, the worse you feel.

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OS-JP Pro Premium 4S Japan

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Osaki Japan Premium 4S Triple Air System

Hand Knead Mode – While kneading the comfortable pressure press carefully

Pulse Mode – Support the promotion of blood circulation by repeating the air supply and exhausting bit by bit

Normal Mode – Focus the position and massage by repeating the air supply and exhausting largely

Flat position           Auto – Retract

Ottoman exact fit

Full body air massage

Remote Control (with A.I. Courses and Programs)

Full color touch panel remote control

Advanced design that combines the operability with the luxury feeling

Whole body rejuvenation

Normal mode – course menu (30 min Pro, Whole body, Stretch, Neck & Shoulder, Memory, Waist, Part, Manual)

One touch mode – Quick mode (30 min shoulder course, Whole body rejuvenation course, Whole body Relax course, Whole body Stretch course)

Auto Program (1) – 30 min Pro course

VIP Course – Whole body focus knead relaxing

30 minutes massage focusing on whole body that gets tired easily. Giving high quality massage as salon

Sommelier Course – Unique comfortability

Luxury and comfortable relax course as if the massage is being done by multiple persons, starting from warm up to cool down

Air Relaxation – Whole body care with air massage

Promotes blood circulation with comfortable simulation of air massage. A relaxation course to remove of the dullness or tiredness of body

Auto Program (2) – 7 Minute Course

Neck Focus Massage – Massages with press/release activity from neck muscle to the shoulder

Shoulder Focus Massage – Hand massage in the circumference shoulder by rubbing/kneading/tapping

Shoulder Blade Focus Massage – Massage with stretching/flexing from the shoulder blade to the pivot muscle of the body

Waist Focus Massage – Massage with rubbing/tapping from the back to the lower part of waist mainly on the spinal column erected position

Sciatic Focus Massage – Massage with rubbing/tapping by pushing up the buttocks with the air bags in the seat

Osaki Japan Premium 4S specification

Osaki Japan Premium 4S Specification

Shoulder massage

Arm massage

Waist and pelvic massage

New calf muscle massage

Leg and feet massage

Shoulder blade heat

Heat at the back of feet and heel

Neck – Neck relaxing

The blood circulation around the neck is stimulated by holding and stretching the knead ball

Shoulder – Kiwami knead, Kiwami tapping

Waist – waist knead, Waist tapping

Relax the stress of trapezius by stimulating the shoulder deeply from the upper part

The weariness of waist or hip is effectively softened

Double Sensors (NEW A.I. Technology)