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Panasonic is proud to announce the endorsement of the massage chairs by the (ACA)American Chiropractic Association  

Ideas for life … come to think of it, maybe it’s a pretty big idea at that

Actually, it’s a series of little ideas, motivated by the desire to make people’s lives simpler, more enjoyable, more productive or more secure. All of which hearkens back to our founder’s simple yet profound idea, first articulated nearly a century ago, that our mission is to contribute to the well-being of our customers and the betterment of society, it’s what we mean by “ideas for life” and it’s the principle that has been the compass for our company’s endeavors from the very beginning

Acupoints   You have approximately 360 Acupoints in your body, with nearly 100 in your back and neck. From the soothing palm style of Swedish massage to deep tissue kneading, to Shiatsu massage, the EP-MA70 have variety of techniques to target Acupoints, resulting in invigorating energy.

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Real Pro Ultra™ Full Body 3D Massage Chair with Heated Massage Rollers (Black)

3DMassage Mechanism & Air Massage Technology; featuring 3 All-New Massage & Stretching Techniques and Heated Massage Heads

Chinese Spinal Technique Massage Chair

Chinese Spinal Technique Massage Chair Black

Real Pro ULTRA™ with Advanced Quad-Style Massage Technology (Black)

Floating mechanism simulate the movements of rotating wrist for an amazing life-like massage

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Finding the right massage chair can be a daunting experience

If you don’t want your massage chair to become a coat rack in two weeks, you need to thoroughly understand what you’re buying. The best way to do that is by experiencing a massage chair demonstration. In a demo, you’ll be able to quickly discern that the best massage chairs feel more comfortable and more relaxing the longer you sit in them. The chairs to avoid have exactly the opposite effect: the longer you sit, the worse you feel.

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